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Bristol Community Arts

We are a local charity which aims to improve personal wellbeing through art, mentorship and education. Our goal is to be a positive influence on society, starting with the individual and the community.

What we do

At Bristol Community Arts, we provide a range of unique creative education opportunities for the communities around us. We prioritise underprivileged young people and adults, aged 14 and above. The specific needs of the local communities and indeed the individuals inform our syllabus, rather than a set curriculum.

What we teach

We focus on providing inclusive, interactive, hands-on experiences of the arts for education and life skill development. Some of our most loved courses over the years have included…

Arts for Wellbeing, Sewing for Employability, Printmaking, Positive Parenting, Mixed Media Collage, Seasonal Gift Making, Spanish Language Classes, Sustainable Fashion & Textiles, Collage and Mosaic Making, ‘Crafternoons’, Personal Development, Funk from Junk – Sculpture making from recycled materials, Environmental Arts, Fairy workshops, Asian and African Arts, Multi-Cultural Awareness, Repurposing/Upcycling old clothes.

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