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A look at the past 18 months

The past 18 months, whilst devastating to the global economy and the individual alike, has been a rare window of opportunity for reflection and introspection, a matter we have taken very seriously.

On the outset of the pandemic we were forced to close to comply with health and safety regulations and we closed our doors to the public and focused on restructuring to provide a better service to those that need it. We have a new logo, a new website and will be providing new classes as soon as possible. A big change was needed to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world; people have different needs, we provide better services.

As a charity, we have always been fixed in Bishopston (since 1984) and mostly catered to the immediate area, which we feel needs to change. Our hands-on approach to art, mental wellbeing and the environment is uncommon throughout Bristol and many other cities, so it is our mission to bring positive change through creative education to as many people as possible. That means Bristol in its entirety, not one exclusive area.

Our main activities over the pandemic revolved around our long-held partnership with Sainsbury’s. Through the generous donations received in their stores, we distributed the food to families in need of a little extra help in our community. We also worked and continue to work with the B&A Church next door to provide food, friendship and support to the homeless.

The vibrant volunteer program we have been running since the inception of the charity ground to a halt, going at only a fraction of what it once was because of the inability to meet face-to-face. Developing employable skills has always been at the forefront of our mission, one that we intend to fully revive through not only a flourishing volunteer program, but also through our workshops.

Now, moving out of the pandemic, we are refocusing on doing what we do best: running workshops and helping service users develop confidence in all aspects of life….. We are planning on running a relaunch event soon, details will follow as plans are finalised. A new programme of creative and interactive courses and classes will also be beginning in January, watch this space for announcements!

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