Bristol Community Arts

About us

Established in 1984, Bristol Community Arts has been a bastion of creative education, mental health and wellbeing since its conception. Over the years we have worked in a variety of ways in order to cultivate wellbeing and positive movement within the local communities around us, always prioritising the most vulnerable.

Everyone is welcome

All people of every colour, gender, sexuality, country and religion are welcome. The charity has often been BAME led over the years, and we pride ourselves on being inclusive as we know diversity breeds creativity

Being volunteer led has allowed us to connect with service users, as the people running the charity, are often people that have attended our classes. All people have a set of unique skills to offer and we work to allow those skills to shine through empowerment.

Our tutoring has been developed with the idea that all people deserve equal opportunities, one of the best way to achieve this is through education. Not all people have a helping hand that can move them past a notoriously difficult entrance exam or give them the language proficiency necessary to connect with customers and colleagues.  The lessons will help with specific issues and roadblocks that people face when attempting to become more employable. 

Improving mental health and wellbeing will always be at the forefront of our mission, so all tutoring will involve an element of mentoring. In an increasingly isolating world, no one should feel that they do not have someone to talk to or bounce their concerns off of. This is support for a better future.

If you are interested in partnering with us or volunteering, please don’t hesitate to get in contact as we welcome all offers.