Bristol Community Arts


1. build a rainbow

This workshop is designed to be delivered in secondary schools to support PSHE. Students create a mood board which communicates something about who they are: their interests, hobbies, community, hopes for the future and concerns. The activity provides a good foundation from which to initiate discussions around education, values and pathways to achieving their goals.

2. banners and flags

This workshop is useful for celebrating cultural diversity, exploring issues around identity, heritage, holidays, religious occasions and historical events. The activity helps to bring to life the curriculum in a dynamic, inclusive way.

3. Batik and tie dye

This workshop allows attendees to explore how colours interact to produce vibrant designs. This is done using a range of natural and synthetic ingredients.

4. Belts and bags

A workshop for designing and making belts and bags using your own pre-loved materials.

5. Printmaking

This workshop encourages attendees to use a range of techniques including Indian block printing, African Wax resist designs. There are opportunities to print on fabric, card and paper.

6. ceramics

This workshop provides a chance for attendees to coil a vase, paint a mug or plate or bowl, pinch pots using air dry clay and more.

7. Sculpting

Attendees can sculpt using mud and rock.

8. construction

This workshop helps people to develop and use their woodwork skills to create outdoor rustic garden furniture.

9. Craft a candle

This is a workshop where attendees spend their time integrating found objects from nature.

10. Crazy cards

This workshop is for crazy card creation for all occasions.

11. Cartooning

Cartooning workshops are all about satirising contentious issues.

12. Collage

This workshop gives attendees the opportunity to start using a range of ‘found’ objects to create a masterpiece.

13. Decorative finishes

Stencilling, decoupage and stamping are all available to learn in this workshop.

14. D.I.Y.

Change a plug, put up a shelf, decorate a room!

15. Fantasy costumes

Based on fairytale characters, action heroes, animals and myths from around the world, this workshop encourages people to bring their imagination to life.

16. Funk from junk

Sculptures and lanterns, and many other fantastic pieces, can be created from ‘junk’.

17. beading

Make jewellery, adorn lampshades and customise clothing!

18. Lanterns

Make lanterns out of wicker, glass or tin.

19. Metal embossing

Try out this decorative technique using metallic sheets.

20. mosaics

This workshop encourages mosaic design and creation on indoor/outdoor pots, plant boxes, picture frames, mirrors and more.

21. the mural of the story

This workshop is focussed around paintings which recount local events.

22. The art of maths

This workshop looks at how geometric patterns are formed, the influence of Islamic Art and how new decorative patterns can be created.

23. quirky quilting

Inspired by Pioneer Patchwork Quilts, this workshop allows you to record your own personal story. Decorate a belt, cushion, bag or wall hanging.

24. sculpture

Create plastic fantastic creatures from domestic waste!

25. silk painting on scarves

Influenced by 20th century artists, this workshop is a scarf extravaganza. 

26. sewing skills

Learn basic techniques to make your own clothes.

27. Traditional toys and games

Create toys and games based on international favourites.

28. T-shirt printing

Design your own logo or slogan and print it on a t-shirt.

29. woodwork

Construct a timber spice rack, table, bird box or name plate.

If you are interested in partnering with us or volunteering, please don’t hesitate to reach out.